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At Strategy Wanted, we don't aim for higher revenues, we don't aim to scale ourselves up, we don't aim to be the next best consultancy firm and it's not because we don't have ambitions, it’s because we have a different goal.

We want to see you touching the heights, we want to see you hitting higher revenues, we want to see you from being moderate to a key player in the market, we want you to be the next giant group.

And yes, we want to grow but together. Yes, we want to scale up but collectively with our community. Yes, we want to earn but the highest satisfaction, and to achieve our perception, our vision, our goal, we are ready to lift you up. Get ready for the strategic journey.

Chirag is a man of his beliefs and principles. A thinker and more importantly, a doer, he is passionate about businesses and running them profitably.


With a keen interest in creating 360 degrees effective strategies for businesses that help them grow sustainably and achieve their goals, Chirag has been a strategic advisor with more than 10 organisations.

He is a Master's graduate in Business from one of the top universities in the world, University of Wollongong, Australia and is an advisor and board member at S.K. Group and its subsidiary Durga Cotton Mills for more than 6 years. 

He is a hedger, an investor and commodities' trader working as a consultant with multifarious companies, in the UAE and India to which he has provided valuable insights into strategy development.

PS - We call him "Game Changer."

"The Group size doesn't matter,  

 but the Group's Style does!" 



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A high-level marketing expert, A PhD researcher, a university professor and a consultant to various reputable media organisations and digital companies, Rabia is extraordinary when it comes to sharing knowledge and ideas with the entrepreneurs.

She has worked in various countries around the globe and has spent most of her time in Algeria and UAE. 

She believes that understanding the needs of each individual is essential in order to prepare an integrated plan. When it comes to challenges and problem solving, she digs deep and proposes smart plans which not only solve the problem but are aligned with the vision and mission of the businesses. 

PS - We call her "Subject Matter Expert."



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  • Businesses are all about relationships, the better, the stronger, the deeper the relationships, the higher the group's value. The higher the group's value, the higher the trust and confidence among stakeholders, the higher the trust and confidence, the higher the sales, better word of mouth, early trials for new products, brand advocacy and hence the shooting revenue. "The success model is simple", give more than you receive and get ready to receive what you never expected.

  • The organization is supreme. Everyone works for the company and the company works for its stakeholders. In our eyes, no one owns a business and there is no concept of the chief of business. We call ourselves as an "E to E company", (employee to employee and entrepreneur to entrepreneur), one employee helping the other employee. You can simply call us your "colleague". :) 

  • In any given industry, in any given market, among any similar businesses, "there is only one market leader", and if you are not that one, why? Same business, same market but?

  • "No loss is a profit". We are among those who spend very little, similar is our style in our strategies, just like this website, we made it for less than 5$. 

  • "Do not copy". Never. The day you start copying the business styles, you start losing. The business's style is what decides who is going to be the market leader.

  • "Employees are Entrepreneurs", let them water your plant. The biggest ideas and the highest knowledge about your business lie in the heads of your employees, irrespective of their position. An intern can give a multi-billion dollar idea and an experienced executive can make it work. 

  • No matter how experienced you are, "you can be wrong" and it's good to have a second thought on your decisions. Fear of failing helps to create an effective contingency plan. 

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One move can Change the whole game,

either in your favour or against! 


Be wise, Be Strategic.

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